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Available Size 20mm 20mm or 40mm 20mm Test Value Before Compaction Sieve Size AS (mm) Class 2 Limits of Grading (% Passing by Mass) Class 3 Limits of Grading (% Passing by Mass) 26.5 100 100 19.0 95-100 95-100 13.2 78-92 75-95 9.5 63-83 60-90 4.75 44-64 42-76 2.36 30-48 28-60 0.425 14-22 14-28 0.075 7-11 6-13 Test Class 2 Test Value Class 3 ...

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20mm Class 3 Crushed Rock. Our 20mm Class 3 rock is perfect for most sub-base and is an economical choice for most domestic and some commercial applications. Wet mix available on request. 20mm Yellow Crushed Rock. Our yellow crushed rock is ideal as an alternative driveway finish or as a base material for earth structures. 40mm Class 3 Crushed Rock

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The mission of the North Dakota Oral Health Program is to improve the oral health of all North Dakotans through prevention and education. The primary goal of the Oral Health Program is …

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Sand and metal Deliveries. BLUE/GREY Products. Rubble 20mm Kapunda...$23.50 per scoop . Wet Rubble 20mm.$24.90 per scoop

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 · Build a frame from lumber and 1 ⁄ 2 in (1.3 cm) screening for big jobs. Using 2x4 (5.1 cm × 10.2 cm) lumber—or whatever scrap wood you have on hand—build a rectangular-shaped frame that''s at least 4 sq ft (0.37 m 2).Then, use heavy-duty staples to attach 1 ⁄ 2 in (1.3 cm) hardware cloth fencing that''s been cut to the size of the frame.

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Crushed Rock – A budget option commonly used as a stable and compacted paving base. It can also be used for decorative purposes. It can also be used for decorative purposes. Concrete Mix – A blend of washed sand and 14mm screenings, ready for cement and water to be added.

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Product calculator. Calculate weight of sand, gravel, topsoil required by inputting area and optionally get a quote. The calculated amount of the sand, gravel or topsoil you will need is shown below (we supply our landscaping products in tonnes so our customers get exactly what they ordered).


All rock screenings are clean, hard, dense, durable and resistant to weathering. 10mm ROCK Screened rock to the specification of 10mm or 20mm in diameter with a maximum of 10% fines (spoil or overburden) on a visual base.

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Crushed rock to a 20mm grade used for drainage applications. Drainage gravel is typically crushed blue stone or similar screened to a grading and is suitable for all drainage applications. As it is a drainage material a standard of product colour is not usually kept. 1.5 Tonne = 1m 3

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40mm Clean; 20mm Clean; 20mm to dust; 10mm Clean; 6mm dust; What are the benefits of on site crushing and screening? With the on site screening/crushing service, any waste or excavated materials that have been through this process can then produce you extra revenue should you wish to sell these products on to other local companies or developers.

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Because it doesn''t deteriorate over time, gravel is common as a permanent mulch around shrubs and trees. However, if you put gravel down on the ground without soil-blocking landscaping cloth beneath it, eventually the gravel begins to sink into the soil, creating a dirt-filled gravel mulch.

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General Weights. Solid rock is estimated at 2.5 to 3tons per cubic meter. If rock is crushed into uniform sizes, the presence of open space between the particles causes the load to be lighter -- approximately 1.6 tons per cubic meter. Mixed sizes of crushed rock can range from 1.6 to 2.2 tons per cubic meter.

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gravel. Screening separates the sand and gravel into different size ranges. Water is sprayed onto the material throughout the screening process. After screening, the sized gravel is transported to stockpiles, storage bins, or, in some cases, to crushers by belt conveyors, bucket elevators, or …

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Aldersyde Yard Pricing: $20.00 / Cubic Yard Delivered Pricing: $11.00 / Cubic Yard + Delivery (Pick-up Not Available) Our screened loam is our most commonly used and well-known topsoil. First, the original loam (soil that still has all of the branches, rocks, and clumps), is run through a screening plant.

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We can accept clean, non-contaminated structural fill at all three locations. As well as clean concrete with no metal at Sooke and Keating locations. Please contact Daryl Nash at 250-818-4921 for Pricing. Available At. Duncan; Keating; Sooke

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20mm Blue Aggregate Screenings. Rating * Name Email * Review Subject * Comments ... Available in 7mm, 10mm, 14mm & 20mm, we stock this 20mm version and the 7mm version. Reviews (No reviews yet) ... Crushed Rock 20mm Class 3 Road Base. $9.00 - $78.00. Quick view Choose Options ...

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Bluestone screenings or aggregate is suitable for drainage applications and can also be used in our concrete mix if requested. Ideal for behind retaining walls, septic lines and any wet areas. Screenings are a clean stone without the fines in it.


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CRUSH ROCK & SCREENINGS ( Plus delivery charge ) 1/4m³: 1/2m³: 3/4m³: 1m³: 2m³: 3m³: 4m³: Per Bag: 20mm Screenings: $23: $40: $57: $69: $138: $207: $276: $8.00 ...

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Blue Metal 20mm. Also known as blue metal or drainage gravel, Screenings Gravel is perfect for for fill around pipes and plumbing. At 20mm, the gravel is large enough to stop unwanted items being washed into your system and small enough to allow ample water to pass through. Price: $85.00/m³ *

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Volume Calculator CALL 416.798.7050 OR 1.800.870.0926 FOR ANY SALES AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT INQUIRIES

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Approximate Weights of Various Construction Material Per Cubic Yard. Most of Harmony Sand & Gravel''s products will weight approximately 2,840 pounds per cubic yard or about 1.42 tons per cubic yard. For estimating purposes, most Contractor''s consider the yield …

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Aquarium Cleaning & Maintenance. Aquarium Heaters & Chillers. Aquarium Lighting. ... Screening 7mm. Screenings 14mm. Stone Dust. Tuscan Toppings. A Grade Class 3 Wet Mix 20mm. Bairnsdale Toppings. Ballast 50mm. Coastal Lime Toppings. Concrete Mix. Crushed Concrete. Crushed Rock 20mm. Dromana Toppings 10mm. Lillycan Blend Toppings. Red Scoria ...

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20mm Gold, 20 & 40mm White, 20mm Recycled - also for garden decoration and footpaths but will work for driveways and drainage as well. 10mm Recycled - used for garden decoration, footpaths and ideal for pipe bedding. According to the NSSGA, gravel can be found almost everywhere since asphalt is composed of mostly gravel. Thus, every asphalt ...

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screening. This is done to meet the most stringent specifications ... The result is an environmentally clean, clear crush or stone with a consistent and uniform particle size distribution. Lafarge Construction Materials Drain Rock and Stone ... Drain Rock Spec. 20mm Clear Crush 20mm Wash Stone Birdseye 40mm Wash Stone Course Rock Course Stone ...

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K. Gierok Size #10 gravel is the smallest gravel. Gravel sizes can vary a little bit by location and distributor, but in most cases the crushed rock composite is available in more or less uniform sizes ranging anywhere from fine powder to pea-sized, coin-sized, or even golf ball-sized pieces.

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Crushed Rock & Toppings. C3 20mm Crushed Rock: 20mm crushed rock perfect for bases and driveways; Crushed Concrete: Recycled Concrete (20mm) Brown Crushed Rock (20mm) Tuscan Toppings (14mm) Tuscan Screenings (20mm) Dromana Toppings (10mm) Grey Dust (5mm) Brown Dust (5mm) Brown Screenings (7-10m) Brown Screenings (14mm) Scoria (7mm) Scoria (20mm)

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Gravel is useful for covering the base of fountains, filling in the bottom of ponds and lining dry streambeds, as well as being a top-dressing for mulch. After you have planted, spread a layer of gravel over the soil''s surface for a clean look that will help show off the plants and suppress weeds.


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Crushed Rock. 20mm Tuscan. Scorio Dust. 7mm Scorio. 14-20mm Scorio. 7mm Screening. 14mm Screening. 20mm Screening. Volume Calculator (03) 9356 5900. Hours. Exposed Aggregate Garden Supplies FAQ''s Locations Contact Terms & Conditions Credit Application Disclaimer

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3/4″ clean is the most widely used stone. 3/8" Crushed Limestone NJ DOT #8 crushed stone is used for construction purposes, such as parking areas, septic drain fields, bike trails, walkways, roofing stone, and tar and chip driveways.


All aggregate source materials shall be clean, hard, durable particles free of earth, humus, clay or other coatings, clay lumps, shale or shaley partings and other deleterious materials. Aggregates may be sands, gravels, cobbles, boulders, or quarried rock. Reclaimed asphalt pavement, reclaimed hydraulic

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Boral Quarries is Australia''s leading quarry operator with over 100 metropolitan and country quarries, sand pit and gravel operations producing concrete aggregates, asphalt and sealing aggregates, crushed rock, sands and gravels, pavement materials and base and sub-base for road, civil and site works.


crushed rock & scoria; firewood & kindling; form boss porn; ... certified clean fill. soft fall playground sand. example test reports; ... affiliated companies. retail suppliers. projects. recipes. more. screenings & agg. 7mm blue screenings/agg. 14mm or 20mm screenings/agg. 14mm zebra agg. 20mm or 40mm tuscan agg ...

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Recently during a conversation a woman said, "So basically, what ever cubic yard of rock I order is probably a good estimate of how many cubic yards I will be getting rid of?" Exactly. Use the tonnage estimates above to consider what your rock disposal fees will be. Call to discuss cost per ton, rates differ depending on your location. 505 ...

Black Basalt Gravel 20mm

20mm black gravel is a natural product that appears dark grey when dry and may vary in colour and size. Our bulk bags consist of stones 10mm - 20mm in size due to the mechanical screening process used. Key features: Dark grey when dry, shiny deep black when wet which makes for a stunning contrast to s.