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This page provides an index to a large collection of U.S. government polygraph policy documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Vera Wilde while a graduate student at the University of ia. Polygraph Manufacturers. Axciton Systems, Inc. Lafayette Instrument Co. Limestone Technologies ; Stoelting Co. Polygraph Articles

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At LorDen Polygraph Services we use exclusively state of the art, Limestone Technologies equipment. This is a computerized polygraph system. This is a computerized polygraph system. This Canadian Company offers the most up-to-date polygraph technology and equipment.

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The Basic Polygraph Examiner Course involves a minimum of 400 hours of theoretical and practical coursework and can be completed full-time in no less than 10 weeks, or part-time in a maximum of 17 weeks. Subjects include polygraph techniques, interviewing procedures, ethics, legal aspects, and research into physiological and psychological aspects.

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Systems and Methodology. Polygraph examinations are administered using either the Limestone Polygraph Professional Suite from Limestone Technologies Inc. or the Lafayette LX4000 from the Lafayette Instrument Company, both of which are state-of-the-art systems of computerized polygraph technology.. Galianos Polygraphe Expert adheres to a set of Standards of Practice and a Code of …

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Limestone Technologies Computerized Polygraph Instrument is used exclusively to ensure quality, accuracy and reliability. This is the latest technologically advanced computerized polygraph instrumentation. All examinations are conducted in a thorough, comprehensive and confidential manner.


All polygraph systems should provide the Kircher measurements, which are well established by 20+ years of study as simple and robust features. It makes no sense to neglect our own science. Stoelting provides Kircher measurements in there algorithm report. Limestone will export Kircher measurements from any exam from within the Limestone Chart ...

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INTERVIEW WITH JAMIE BROWN - LIMESTONE TECHNOLOGIES ***** RALPH: Jamie, you guys appear to be the ''new kids'' on the polygraph block, tell me a little about your company. JAMIE: Limestone is a private company based in Ontario, Canada. Although we are the newest of the polygraph instrument providers, we have over 30

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 · Polygraph Equipment Market Research with COVID-19 -Limestone Technologies, Lafayette Instrument Company, Lantuweiye Technology; Portable Water Quality Analyzer Market Research with COVID-19 -SHIMADZU, Xylem, Emerson, ABB, Thermo Scientific, SUEZ (GE), Endress+Hauser, Yokogawa, Horiba, Metrohm, SWAN, Focused Photonics Inc, INESA Scientific ...

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2 INSTRUMENT FOR SALE: 1 Complete polygraph examiner''s package at a deep discount. Limestone instrument, Dell Laptop, Countermeasure Cushion, Camera, Pentax Printer, Biometric Scanner and more. In March, 2004, Mr. Richard Hickman(Dick), a long time polygraph examiner and also a family friend purchased

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Polygraph Instrument Manufacturers; Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) Polygraph Frequently Asked Questions; ... Limestone Technologies Inc. 106 Main St. PO Box 267 Odessa, Ontario - K0H2H0 Canada. Contact: Jamie Brown. Phone: (613) …

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Limestone Technologies Inc. | 257 followers on LinkedIn. The best instrument delivers the best results. | Limestone Technologies'' corporate office is located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Our staff is comprised of software engineers, electrical engineers and knowledgeable sales and service representatives. We believe in building lasting customer relationships and we achieve this by providing ...


402-413-9177 (direct) 402-499-1725 (cell) 888-715-1419 (fax) [email protected] . Up for sale, a (3-years new) stationary polygraph chair which features opening arm pads to conceal arm movement sensors. Also, seat opening to conceal seat sensor. $500. This item is for pick up in New Braunfels, TX.

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 · JCMR Recently announced Global Polygraph Equipment Market Report is an objective and in-depth study of the current state aimed at the major drivers, market strategies, and key players growth. The study also involves the important Achievements of the market, Research & Development, new product launch, product responses and regional growth of the leading competitors operating in …

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Used Limestone computerized polygraph instrument for sale in Northern California $2500 530 710-4776

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The Backster School of Lie Detection was founded in 1959 by world-renowned polygraph examiner and researcher, Cleve Backster. Cleve''s contributions to polygraph were immense, and his legacy lives on today. In 2017, Limestone Technologies acquired the Backster School of Lie Detection to continue the work of Cleve Backster in polygraph education.

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Contact Us THE BACKSTER SCHOOL OF LIE DETECTION A Division of Limestone Technologies Inc.Leader in Polygraph Instrumentation and Software 2263 Princess StreetKingston, OntarioK7M 3G1CANADA Phone: 613.507.4660Toll Free: 866.765.9770 (North America)Fax: 613.634.4098 For Direct Inquiries, Contact:Dave Bethune – Sales & Marketing [email protected]

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Limestone Technologies is a software and biofeedback instrumentation solutions provider with. its primary focus on the development of products utilized specifically for security and public. safety. Our Polygraph, Offender Management, and Pre-Employment Screening Solutions are. industry leading and internationally recognized as being ...

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In addition to the scholarship, Limestone Technologies will donate one of their computer polygraph systems to the awardee. The award will be announced at the banquet at the annual seminar, and a Limestone Technologies representative will present the instrument. ABOUT WILLIAM J. YANKEE

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This sale includes everything needed to run a polygraph examination (minus your personal windows PC or laptop). One of the senior examiners in our office retired and we do not plan to fill his position at this time. Included in the sale are the following components. Limestone DataPac_USB DAS with the following sensor ports: Sp02. Resp1. Resp2. BP.

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 · Limestone Technologies of Odessa, Ontario, Canada is one of four major polygraph instrument manufacturers in North America. On his Linkedin profile, Buttle describes his responsibilities at Limestone thus: Buttle also lists himself as a member of the American Polygraph Association and the American Association of Police Polygraphists.

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Limestone polygraph instrument. 1. Limestone polygraphs have excellent questions templates and options to save it and use it for creation of questions quickly and efficiently. 2. There is an Online Indicator which lets the examiner know whether the new question can be presented, which is very useful during a recording 3. Limestone gives the ...

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Axxonet represents the best polygraph system in the world produced by Limestone Technologies. The product is very easy to use and requires minimal time span to understand the usefulness of the product. Contact us for our specialized training programs.

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Systems and Methodology. Polygraph examinations are administered using either the Limestone Polygraph Professional Suite from Limestone Technologies Inc. or the Lafayette LX4000 from the Lafayette Instrument Company, both of which are state-of-the-art systems of computerized polygraph …

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David Bethune is the Polygraph Sales Manager at Limestone Technologies and has been involved in manufacturing and product development for more than a decade at the company. Trained as a Polygraph Examiner in 2011 combined with his inside knowledge of product development, David has provided Mechanics of Instrumentation training to numerous APA ...

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Because Axciton Systems, Inc. is exclusively dedicated to the development and advancement of polygraph, we are able to continuously implement features in our software that meet the examiner''s needs and desires. For 25 years, since Axciton was the first company to produce a usable computerized polygraph system, Axciton has been exclusively ...

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Sales of Limestone Technologies polygraph instruments and equipment. Instruction in the use of instruments and components. Supervisory Special Agent

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Lafayette Instrument Company is the world''s leading manufacturer of Polygraph instrumentation and equipment, distributing credibility assessment solutions to private examiners, government, and military organizations around the world. Our representatives are ready to assist you with any questions about our products or services.

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Ribacoff was trained in the use of Analog, Lafayette, Axciton and Limestone Technologies Computer Polygraph equipment. Mr. Ribacoff is a graduate of the Academy for Scientific Investigative Training. This American Polygraph Association-approved school is owned and operated by Nathan J. Gordon, a world-renowned polygraph researcher and past ...

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See our various polygraph machine components offering the latest advancements and security for your polygraph system. Phone: 613.507.4660 Toll Free: 866.765.9770

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American Association of Police Polygraphists. . American Standards for Testing & Materials. . National Polygraph Association. Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. INSTRUMENT MANUFACTURERS. Lafayette Instrument Company. Axciton Systems.


POLYGRAPH EQUIPMENT. Consigli Polygraph uses only state of the science instrumentation. The Limestone Paragon Polygraph employs five movement sensors monitoring an examinee to ensure the purity of the collected physiology. The Paragon collects the examinee''s physiology at a rate of eighty samplings per second.

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Webb Consulting is the authorized US sales representative for Limestone Technologies Polygraph Systems, accessories and supplies. Our trained and experienced personnel can assist you in developing custom Limestone software, internal examination databases, self generating report document templates and equipment initial instruction as part of ...

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 · Visit Limestone Technologies at Limestone Technologies Polygraph instrumentation is the world leader in innovation, quality a...

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Axciton Systems, Inc. 2825 Wilcrest Dr. Ste. 618 Houston, TX 77042. Contact: Bruce White 713-789-8245 800-460-2645. email: [email protected] URL:

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Trade in and upgrade! Polygraph Pro Suite software on CD-ROM. Paragon Acquisition System. 2 Respiration Transducers. 1 EDA Kit (Includes 10′ EDA Lead, Gold Plated Metal Electrodes and 1 Package of 100 Ag/AgCl Electrodes) 1 Blood Pressure Cuff Assembly (Includes Adjustable Blood Pressure Cuff, Cardio Tubing and Sphygmomanometer) 1 FingerCuff™.


Limestone Polygraph Equipment Excellent Condition Contact Mark Zakarian at [email protected] or 509-844-2268 Limestone Polygraph Equipment for sale: $2,000 OBO Excellent Condition (replacement cost in parenthesis) Blood Pressure Cuff (adult) Kit with Palm Style Sphygmomanometer Finger Pressure Cuff Assembly


Limestone Technologies Inc. Corporate Office 106 Main St. PO Box 267 Odessa, ON K0H 2H0 Canada Phone: 613.386.1583 Fax: 613.767.9006 Toll Free: 866.765.9770 [email protected] [email protected]

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 · 1984 Lafayette Diplomat Analog Instrument. PICS Price - $1,650 obo Like New Limestone Polygraph Suite. PICS Price - $4,500 obo 1980''s Lafayette Analog Pentograph. PICS Price - $1,200 obo Like New Lafayette LX4000 with extras

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Limestone Technologies was incorporated in 1999 as a software and instrumentation solutions provider and our focus has been the development of products utilized specifically for data acquisition of human physiology. In 2003, Limestone unveiled their credibility assessment software and instrumentation known internationally as Polygraph ...