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ID Grinding. Turbine Engine Blade Tip Grinding. Complete solution for depots. Progressive die precision hard turning. Danobat VG. DANOBAT Centre of Excellence. Bearing rings Hard Turning Lathe. ABS motor shaft grinding.


500. LIDKÖPING VTG 4000. Internal hard turning External hard turning vertical operation, Internal hard turning External grinding vertical operation, Internal grinding External hard turning in vertical operation, Face grinding vertical grinding operation, Simultaneous Internal / External vertical grinding. LIDKÖPING. 1000 - 3800. 1300 - 4000. 500.

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hard turning, etc. Vertical grinding machine with < 1.5 µm tolerances in concentricity and run-out The manufacturing quality of the hydrostatic bearing components and the very high rigidity and stiffness of the machine allow the Berthiez RVU line to attain highest cutting perfor-mance and long-term durability. The machine-line Berthiez RVU is

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 · Why hard turning can be an alternative to grinding for many applications. March 1, 2021. Before developing high precision hard turning machines, grinding was the preferred method for producing workpieces with very high tolerances. However, new technologies and des…. Read More.

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Hard turning and finish grinding Discover the MikroTurnGrind machines More about hard turning and finish grinding combined. ... Finish hard turning with the right machine and with a single setup process can meet the ongoing desire for productivity increases and cost reductions. About finish hard turning…

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Live. •. SUPER-PRECISION® Hard Turning T-Series Turning Centers. The Hardinge SUPER-PRECISION® turning centers are designed and built for superior part roundness, the ultimate in surface finish, and minimal total part size variation, making them the most accurate production turning centers on the market: 06:42.

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 · Hard turning and grinding are competing finishing processes for the manufacture of precision mechanical components such as bearings, gears, cams, etc. Surface hardening at gentle machining conditions has often been reported and is attributed to …

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 · The benefits of combining hard turning and grinding can include complete machining, improved component quality and greater flexibility. This technology combination can also be effective in reducing cycle times. Machining a part complete on one machine …

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Hard turning and grinding: improved quality and greater flexibility. The process combination hard turning / grinding is used, to great effect, to reduce cycle times. Where the complete hard finishing process (hard turning and grinding) is carried out on a single machine, throughput, transport and storage times can be drastically reduced.


Getting the right spin. WEISSER rotational turning 2.0 as a high-level technology for hard fine machining focuses on potential for improvement in terms of process reliability, machining times, process speed and accuracy (surface quality, diameter and shape tolerance and roughness).


The LIDKÖPING KMT Vertical grinding machines gives the user high output quality and can be set up for Internal, External hard turning and grinding operations. Our goal is to give accuracy, efficiency and reliability through our products, our process knowledge and development, customer support and service.

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Working principle of Grinding Machine: The working principle of a grinding machine is quite easier to understand.. In a grinding machine, there is an electric motor which supplies the motion power to the grinding wheel with the help of a belt and pulley.. So when we start the electric motor the motor rotates at a certain rpm (150-15000 RPM, it may change according to the types of grinding ...


CNC Hard Alloy Steel Turning And Grinding Machine Model MCKF2120 CNC Hard alloy steel turning and grinding machine introduction: Application: internal turning,internal grinding, internal taper hole, inner end face of stepped hole and outer end face grinding etc. Original: Wuxi, Jiangsu, China.

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Grinding spindles integrated into the turret convert the turning machine to a universal dry machining hard turning and grinding center. The grinding process is controlled with an integrated acoustic emission sensor system. Costs are reduced significantly with dry machining, even for the grinding …


grinding and hard-turning or surface grinding and milling, it was possible to form a related cost analysis. These common purpose machines were compared on levels of the same functionality, and the results drawn that when on the same plane of specifications there was no considerable cost difference. The cost was attributed more to the demand

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 · Demonstration of the capabilities of the Fritz Studer S242 CNC Cylindrical Hard Turning and Grinding Machine.

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Machine tools | Hard Turning. Hard Turning. The grinding method of hardened high accuracy components for automobile parts assemblies started to transition to NC turning machines about 20 years ago. This was mainly possible due to the improvement in accuracy of NC lathes and the development of CBN Tooling. In the subsequent years, High accuracy ...


Hard turning Hard turning is a type of turning done on materials with a Rockwell C hardness greater than 45. It is typically performed after the workpiece is heat treated. The process is intended to replace or limit traditional grinding operations. Hard turning, when applied for purely stock removal purposes, competes favorably with rough grinding.

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 · Junker''s hard turning/grinding machine is called the Hardpoint. Built on a platform that resembles a slant bed lathe, the basic Hardpoint model 1000 uses a gang tool arrangement that can process, in combination, hard turning, grinding, off-center fine machining and radial drilling operations.

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 · Also, compared to hard-turning, grinding is disadvantageous with respect to resources, material and energy consumption, and emissions as shown in Ref. . However, due to the relatively low cost of these resources, grinding is overall more economical. ... tool revolver for grinding turning machine ; right: grinding—turning benchmark .

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Systematically provide personalized grinding,turning, milling and sawing solution, ANTS offers plenty of processing euqipments with automatic production line solutions, there are 4 categories under its flag. With complete varieties and specifications of CNC lathe machine, grinding machine, turning & milling machine, sawing machines etc. Quality ...

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 · Axle Alliance''s VSC 400 Duo vertical turning machine from EMAG hard turns ring gear prior to gear teeth grinding. The dual-spindle VSC 400 Duo vertical turning machine, for example, hard turns ring gears prior to grinding the gear teeth. The 390mm-dia., medium-carbon steel ring gear has a hardness of 59 to 62 HRC.

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High precision cylindrical vertical grinding machine range, designed to suit specific applications of our customers, improve roundness, facilitate single­setup processing and prolong the life of the machine. Danobat vertical grinding machines incorporate proven engineering technology. ... Hard turning. Vertical turning. Contact.

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 · Hard turning, milling, drilling & grinding. Laser processing machines. Measuring machines. Production external cylindrical grinding machines. Production internal cylindrical grinding machines. Radius internal cylindrical grinding machines. Rotary table grinding machines. Special grinding machines. Tool eroding machines.

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 · With a diamond-tipped blade, grinding wheels are able to cut just about any material, even hard metals. #5) Grinding Machines Have Been Used for Centuries. Grinding machines aren''t a new invention. They''ve been around for centuries, with some of the first grinding machines consisting of a pedal that, when stepped on, turns a grinding wheel ...

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 · With the hard turning process, you need just one machine and operator to produce high precision parts at a faster throughput rate, resulting in a lower cost per part. As a result, hard turning has become more popular worldwide, replacing many traditional grinding processes.


AND GRINDING MACHINE Main characteristic of hard turning Turning up to 70 HRC Surface finish : 0.1 - 0.4 micron Dimensional accuracy : 2 micron Finish Hard Turning is the cost effective alternative to cylindrical grinding Cost saving : Hardened workpieces can be finished in one clamping. Only 1 machine …


1-/2-spindle pick-up precision turning machine for chuck parts up to Ø 500 mm or shafts up to 350 mm length in medium and big quantities – amongst others Rotational Turning, grinding, milling. This product is already on your watch list. Go to the watch list. Compare.

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The advantages of the VLC 250 DS • Vertical hard turning and finish-grinding in one setup on one machine • Any workpiece feature which allows for hard turning due to process reliability precedes features which require grinding • Improved component quality and higher output rates because the workpiece is machined in a single setup • The grinding process removes a small amount of ...

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The dressing of the grinding pins is done automatically in the machine based on intervals that can be selected individually; thus tool change errors are eliminated. A remarkable aspect of the Felsomat hard turn and grinding process is the …

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LG - High speed & universal precision grinding machine Up to 39.37´´ (1000 mm); CG - High production grinding machine. Best part/cost ratio GO FAST ! 15750 sfpm with conventional abrasive; PG - The grinder for highly customisable solutions Near availability; HG - Universal heavy-duty grinding with moving table Length up to 197´´ (5000 mm); WT - Universal heavy-duty grinding with cross ...

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 · Basically, peel grinding uses a narrow grinding wheel, usually 0.25″ (6.4 mm) or less in width, to grind a part. Because the process is much like cutting with a conventional lathe, it is a major competitor to hard turning. The advantages of peel grinding include: Dramatically reduced cycle time. Combined operations. Decreased throughput time.

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LG - High precision grinding for highest requirements applications Wheel peripheral speed: up to 140 m/s; CG - High-production grinding machine. Best part/cost ratio GO FAST ! 80 m/s with conventional abrasive; PG - The grinder for highly customisable solutions Grinding wheel diameter: up to Ø910 mm x 350 mm; HG - Universal heavy-duty grinding with moving table Workpiece length: up to 5000 mm

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A proven hybrid hard turning and fine grinding machine. The MikroTurnGrind Vertical is a true and proven hybrid turn/grind machine, designed for large workpieces up to a diameter of 1000 mm. A 46 position tool changer is utilized for storing the turning tools and grinding wheels.

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In this case a hybrid machine, such as the MikroTurnGrind 1000, which combines hard turning and finish grinding in one machine could be the solution to your challenge. This would allow you to apply the most suitable process, for each surface to be machined, all in one set-up without the need for multiple machines.

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Hembrug supplies some of the worlds most accurate finish hard turning machines, a great alternative to cylindrical grinding which provides greater accuracy, more flexibility, higher productivity and great cost savings. Applications include carbide, ferrous and non-ferrous parts, hydraulic industries, die & mold making, bearings & the ballscrew ...


Tooling Solutions CNC Machine controlled High Speed Spindles, also known as Spindle Speeders, and Turbine Spindles. Turn on & off with a command in your program. Along with your machine controlled auto coupler, this Spindle Speeder can be used like any other tool in your tool changer. Use your CNC machine for engraving, jig grinding, […]

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 · Instead, many evaluate the latest turning centers versus outdated grinding systems. That''s a mistake because, while hard turning has its benefits, today''s advanced grinding machines, ultra-efficient grinding wheels, and other technological innovations also provide a sound basis for rapid, adaptable, economical machining.